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FNLR108D025 FasMate - FN Series (Female) Metric

FasMate - FN Series (Female) Metric

(aka M, ISO O-Ring Boss)

Part #: FNLR108D025 Manufacturer: FasTest
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FasTest's FasMate series of lever, thumb valve and pneumatically actuated connectors are an ideal method for fast, safe and repeatable connections to all types of internal threads. Simply squeeze the lever, push the thumb valve or pneumatically operate the connector and insert into the threaded test port to get an instant leak tight and high pressure connection.

- Instant connections from vacuum to 5000 psi eliminates tape, sealant and wrenches
- Modular operation methods are interchangeable - Lever and Thumb Valve
- No damage to threaded parts
- Split collet design locks securely
- Easy to replace main seal
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Product Attributes

Connection Profile: M10 X 1.25
Term Profile: 1/8" BSPP
Body Size: 1
Min. Insert Length (mm): S1108-B70
Connection: Metric
Series: FNLR
Series: FNLR
Connection: Metric
Connection Profile: M16 X 1.5
Term Profile: 3/8" BSPP
Body Size: 3
Min. Insert Length (mm): S21200445-B70

Part Number Tags: FNLR108D025