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Wilson Robotic and Automation Solutions



Wilson Offers Automated Solutions for Your Industry

Wilson Robotic and Automation Solutions



Whether you have a shop full of robots or want to introduce automation to your facility, we can help!

Wilson Robotic and Automation Solutions


  • Robotic Welding Cells
  • Machine Tending
  • Mobile Robots
  • Cobot Robotic Arms
  • Palletizing Robots
  • And many more



Our approach is to develop a solution together. From concept to implementation, we bring our expertise and operational excellence to ensure your goals are met.


Wilson Automation and Robotics Is Here To Help If

Your manufacturing processes are stuck in the 20th century

You do things because that’s the way they’ve always been done, not because that’s the best way to do them.

Profit margins aren’t increasing, but labor costs are

You don’t know the ROI for a robotic arm or how to implement in your facility


You need help evaluating automation that will drive results.




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