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Wilson Exceeded a Goal of Packing 30,000 Meals for Local Food Pantries

Written by Semhar Bire (November 10, 2023)

News and Reviews

Wilson Exceeded a Goal of Packing 30,000 Meals on 'Feed the Funnel' Event!

This year our Addison and Fort Worth teams exceeded a goal of packing 30,000 meals for our local food pantries! The Pack Shack’s program Humanity vs. Hunger Feed the Funnel.

We are so grateful for our team and to Pack Shack for making this event a success!

Love, Serve, Care. It’s the Wilson way.

Fort Worth Location Earns Certification to ISO 9001:2015!

Brian Teddlie - Quality Manager (October 18, 2023)

Our Ft. Worth location earned certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in August 2023. That makes the fifth Wilson Company location to earn certification. Adding the ISO certification will help fuel the growth Wilson Company sees for the Fort Worth location. Gant Bills, Wilson CEO, said “Wilson continues to invest in our people, facilities, and programs like ISO 9001:2015. We believe the ISO 9001 certificate is an investment that will pay dividends almost immediately.”

Committed To Excellence

The FTW team has shown their commitment to excellence by proving compliance to the tough ISO 9001:2015 standard. Kasha Paepke, Fort Worth Branch Manager, has assembled a great team. She says, “…we all see the value in achieving the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It really takes everyone to now continue to demonstrate that commitment. We define quality as meeting customer requirements; the right part delivered on time. Our quality system provides us the tools we need to meet those requirements.”

Service and Technology

Now housed in a beautiful, newly remodeled facility, the FTW location touts over 20,000 sq ft of warehousing, office, and a Parker Store. Customers can have a custom hose made while they wait and talk with a knowledgeable associate about the latest fluid power and motion control technologies.


News and Reviews

Wilson's Two Days of Serving, Caring and Learning

Written by Semhar Bire (August 16, 2023)

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Our Two Days of Serving, Caring and Learning was Successful!

Our Vision is to improve the lives of our associates, customers and community. As a result, our company had two days of serving and learning time with our associates. Sharing the beliefs and values of the company was part of the program.

Our hearts are happy to be serving our communities again!! We had an evening of serving our community at the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center In Dallas, TX with our amazing team.

Serving those in need is such a reward feeling! Spreading kindness and making a difference in our community is an important part of who we are as a Company. It’s the Wilson Way.

Love, Serve, Care. It’s the Wilson way.

Over 25,000 Meals for the Homeless Community in Dallas TX

Written by Semhar Bire (November 4, 2022)

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Over 25,000 Meals were delivered to City Square

Our mission area this year is food insecurity. With that said, our Addison and Fort Worth teams exceeded the goal of 25,000 meal packets for the homeless community center. These packs were delivered to the CitySquare in Dallas TX.

We see this as an opportunity to achieve our goal in servicing the community. And we are so grateful for our team - and to Pack Shack for making this event a success!

Love, Serve, Care. It’s the Wilson way.

First Day of Service Since the Pandemic

Written by Sondra Cox (March 31, 2021)

Our First Day of Service Since the Pandemic was Amazing!!!

Our hearts are happy to be serving our communities again!

We spent the morning at the North Texas Food Bank packing boxes to families that are in need. With over 1600 boxes that will be distributed throughout the metro area.

That's 13,200 pounds of food or 11,000 meals!

One of the most rewarding feelings is the one you get from helping others and I can't tell you how good it felt to be with our team making a difference! Our Vision is to improve the lives of our associates, customers and community. Love, Serve, Care

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Hydraulic Training Class Customer Referral

Robert Wise - Maintenance Manager at Old Castle Building Envelope

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We were very happy with the Hydraulic Training Session provided by Wilson.

Wilson provided hydraulic training that catered to the technician’s various levels of experience and knowledge. They determined what type of equipment we have onsite and focused on our site requirements.

The company set up a training simulator which provided a hands-on experience for the team. We were very impressed with the body of knowledge and level of experience demonstrated by the instructor.

I definitely will be setting up future sessions for the rest of our team.

Wilson offers hydraulic and pneumatic training classes tailored to your needs.

Contact us at 972-931-8666 or email for more information.



New Locations Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Brian Teddlie - Quality Manager

The Addison Distribution Center and Wilson Fluid Power Solutions, the assembly division of Wilson, earned ISO 9001:2015 recertification in February 2020. Joining the roster of locations now certified to ISO 9001:2015 were the Austin and Houston locations.

Competitive Advantage

Gant Bills, Wilson President, believes that the ISO 9001:2015 certification gives Wilson a competitive advantage. “The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a value to our customers that we can provide a high level of service through process and quality performance.” Bills also said, “More customers expect suppliers to have a formal quality management system to improve and monitor all areas of their business. Our certifications allow Wilson to focus on the important areas of our business and improve efficiency.

The process for certification in Austin and Houston began in late summer of 2019 with a kick-off meeting at each location. Says Brian Teddlie, Quality Manager, “Our associates at these locations had a lot to learn given our tight schedule but they pulled together and got it done. Our attitude going forward is, while we’re proud or our achievement, we’ve got a lot to learn and always have room for improvement. We view earning the certificate as a beginning not an end.”

Meeting Customer Requirements

The Austin and Houston locations include fully stocked warehouses to serve the local markets. Additionally, each location performs light assembly work filling a niche within their region: unique assemblies serving the medical and high-tech fields in Austin and special valve assemblies for the oil & gas markets in Houston. Calibration services and tooling repair are offered in the Houston location.

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About Wilson

Wilson, founded in 1965, has become recognized as an innovative, solutions oriented fluid power distributor with locations throughout Texas and Arkansas. Our business units include six distribution centers, five retail Parker Stores, and a custom design and heavy assembly center - Wilson Fluid Powers Solutions. Wilson is a family owned business that values its culture first. We Love our work family and we are always ready to Serve our customers with Care. Visit us at


Wilson’s Response to COVID – 19

Gant Bills - President

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Wilson is taking this matter seriously and continues to monitor the status and impact of COVID - 19. Our top priority is the health and safety of our Associates, Customers and Community. We have taken steps to continue to serve our Customers during these difficult times.

All of our locations will remain open during normal business hours.

Where applicable, we are transitioning our sales and customer service teams to work remotely.

We understand during this time face to face visits may not be available. However, our Sales Team is available to visit your locations as well as assisting via videoconferencing. Our Customer Service Team will remain available by email or phone. We also encourage you to use our online purchasing options at We will get through these unprecedented times together and we thank you for your business and trust.



High Accuracy Testing at High Pressures

Written by Proportion Air

The test and analytics market for assembled products is expansive. Nearly every product undergoes testing to ensure its quality, whether the specifications are set by the industry, an individual company or the government. Tests that control the amount of pressure or flow a product can withstand are common ways to check for potential weaknesses or leaks. Wilson, a assemblor and distributor that covers Texas, Oklahoma and part of Louisiana for Proportion-Air, is using one of our electro-pneumatic pressure regulators in a hydrostatic test system that’s been getting rave reviews. They recently sold several of these IntelliTest systems to a well-known aerospace company.

High Pressures, High Accuracy

The IntelliTest is an automated, non-destructive hydrostatic high pressure testing system. It uses a Proportion-Air regulator for the precise control of pressures ranging from 50 PSIG all the way up to 60,000 PSIG, liquid or gases. The system tests to certify and recertify critical-use pressurized parts.

Hydrostatic testing uses a liquid, usually water, and pressurizes it to test the strength of a vessel like a pipe or a tank. The testing system fills the item under test with liquid and removes all air. The pressure increases to the level required. After the test is completed, the user checks the part under test for changes in shape or leaks.

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To control the pressure, Wilson chose one of our electro-pneumatic pressure regulators. The precise control offered by the regulator was exactly what they needed for superior accuracy and repeatability. Because our regulator drives the testing pressure, the entire system projects the accuracies of the regulator.

How IntelliTest Works

The electronic regulator sits in a manifold at the top of the system. The user connects the part to be tested and inputs the desired pressure range, media and pressure profile. Based on the commanded pressure, the system automatically routes the pressure to one of three air-driven ratio pumps, or goes directly to the product if the pressure is low enough to control with only the electronic pressure regulator. The IntelliTest features numerous fail-safes, including an automatic system to prevent the release of pressure held on the part under test. The entire system is anything but simple, except from the user’s point of view.

Wilson has a video on their Website and YouTube showing how the IntelliTest works. Color-coded lights let a user know when the system is ready, running, available or in fault. The company identifies several industries and specific products that the system excels in, including oil and gas, hose assembling, air tanks, accumulators, plug valves, check valves, manifolds and many petrochemical processes. And, more recently, aerospace, as mentioned at the start of this post.

On-site Impressions

Wilson is in Proportion-Air business development manager Morgan Mohr’s territory. He visited their Houston location and saw the IntelliTest system in action. His takeaways: “The real fun is the software and touchscreen. They have made a package that is easy to repair, maintain and operate. It should last a long time before it needs servicing, even if used every single day in a factory environment.”

The best part?

“The entire process is so accurate due to our regulator!”


Wilson Community Support

Written by Sondra Cox

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Some of our associates participated in a team building event benefiting the friends of CitySquare in Dallas TX. In one hour we prepared 3000 meals that will be provided to those in need in our local community. Thank you to the Pack Shack of Cave Springs Arkansas for sponsoring this amazing event! Feed the Funnel!

Clippard Manifold Assembly

Written by Eric Eisbrenner

Wilson designed an acrylic pneumatic manifold assembly using Clippard mini-valves. This application is being used in the semi-conductor industry by taking various air pilot signals and sending them downstream to operate larger process valves. Together, Wilson and the manufacturer created an engineered solution that solved the customer’s exact need for this application.

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Houston Energy Industry News

Written by Richard Carranza

Interview with Steve Rink, System Engineer at Wilson

SpaceCom held its annual meeting in Houston early this December where I had an opportunity to speak with Steve Rink about hydrotesting. Hydrotesting is just as important to the space industry as it is to the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. If a system (vessels, connected piping and instrumentation) has a specified maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), then it must be tested; and this is typically done with high pressure water. Traditionally, hydrotesting is carried out by an operator using fixed equipment, reading a pressure gauge, and modulating the pressure in the system with a hand valve.

The Wilson has changed all that by offering a product that does the hydrotesting via automation. Their unit comes on wheels and can fit on the back of a pickup truck. Steve mentions that “several industries utilize hydrostatic testing: aerospace, oil and gas production, compressed gas, fluid power manufacturers, etc. These operations require operator skill and attention. Manually controlled pumps offer no protection from over pressurizing the item under test. Exposing test items to pressure higher than the test criteria leads to scrap and repair.”

Here are some of the benefits of automated hydrostatic testing:

  • Repeatable results
  • Automated record keeping
  • Reduced time and costs
  • Is done by remote control
  • Increased operator safety
  • Uses PID control with set point variations of less than 0.1%
  • Hydrotesting is controlled by a sophisticated SCADA system
  • Internal web server allows access using a web browser

Steve closes the interview with the following insights, “In traditional hydrotesting, the operator is in close proximity to high pressure. Equipment failure can lead to injury, and injection injuries are life threatening. Automation increases productivity, repeatability, reliability, and return on investment. SCADA integration embeds the pumping system into the manufacturing and certification processes. Remote control separates the operator from harm and allows supervisory monitoring. The pumping system delivers results consistent with the expectations.”



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