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Rate Testing System Material Fatigue



Rate Testing System Material Fatigue

Material Testing



"Reduce your overall cost and improve your production process with your own Material Fatigue and/or Rate Testing Systems"

  • Reduces cycle test-time through intelligent automation
  • Improves test accuracy and repeatability
  • Scalable to any most testing requirements
  • Maximizes personnel resources
  • Reduces the reliance and cost of subcontracted testing
  • Keeps proprietary property in-house


Fully Automated Test Cycle

  • Static & Dynamic Test Cycles
  • Reduces Test Cycle Time
  • Eliminates Inconsistency of Manual Testing or Subcontractor Issues
  • Remote Access Capability and Control Station
  • Interfaces with Remote Databases for Test Parameters and Data Logging


These Highly Precise and Complex Systems Usually Consist of:

  • Delta Motion Controllers
  • DFP Valves
  • MTS Temposonic,
  • Interface Load Cell
  • Touch Screen
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Cylinders


Increased Quality and Productivity

  • Reaches Specified Pressure Rapidly and Accurately
  • System Over-Pressure Protection Reduces Potential Pump and Valve Failure Repair Time
  • Decreased Test Time
  • Closed Loop Control Can Overcome Overshooting
  • Operator Training/Deployment is Greatly Reduced





For one customer of leaf springs or golf carts, the manufacturing process starts with high-carbon, high-alloy spring steel. The springs are heat treated, formed, quenched, assembled and then painted.

To insure product quality, a number of springs are tested on a fatigue testing system on a daily basis. The system will vary the force in a sinusoidal manner accruing cycle counts as it proceeds.

This customer has since incorporated some automation to improve speed and flexibility along with more diagnostic information. The implementation of a "smarter", more flexible closed-loop controller returned dividends of twice the testing speed, improved testing repeatability and reliability and has also expedited the customers product development process.


Material Testing System





Material Fatigue Rate Testing System

"Wilson Fluid Power Solutions can help you with your Safety, Quality and Production needs by designing and supplying a Custom Automated Material Fatigue and/or Rate Testing Solution"


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